The Village is Mine

The Village is Mine

Smart DOC

Jasmin Brutus

Zvirnjača, a village in the municipality of Kupres, is nestled between Tomislavgrad and the municipality of Prozor - Rama. Once vibrant and bustling, it stands nearly vacant today. Its natives have moved abroad in search of a better life or “bread” as locals call it. Yet, amid this deserted landscape, reside Marijan Jonjić, his wife, their three children, and an impressive flock of more than 450 sheep. It is these sheep that provide the family with a meaningful livelihood in a village that many have left behind. The population of Zvirnjača has dwindled down to five or six older married couples and a few solitary individuals. Marijan's family, in stark contrast, thrives as he lives under unusual circumstances, essentially as the master of an abandoned village.

DOP: Jasmin Brutus

Editor: Jasmin Brutus