Seventh Republic

Seventh Republic

Special Screening

Nebojša Grabež

10.09. Sunday   |   14:00   |   Cineplexx

In the 1970s and 1980s, pop culture, especially rock and roll, gave birth to a unique cultural and spiritual space, which the journalist Ante Perković referred to as the seventh republic. This supranational, imaginary entity was embedded within the framework of the then six Yugoslav republics and shared their fate in the dissolution of the common state. Thirty years later, new generations are building new forms of connections and communication. This documentary explores the roots of the former spiritual unity and reveals its present-day contours, while asking the question: Does the seventh republic still exist?

Executive Producer: Nebojša Grabež

Producer: Sead Kreševljaković 

DOP: Nenad Barbul

Editor: Nenad Barbul