The Dayton Legacy: Bosnia - A Fragile Peace

The Dayton Legacy: Bosnia - A Fragile Peace

AJB Screening

Pierre-Olivier François

After Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina? Nearly thirty years after the end of the brutal war that ravaged the country, the small and fragile Balkan state appears to be again on the brink of collapse. This is a revealing analysis of the current crisis, encompassing secessionist temptations, widespread corruption, and foreign interferences. Giving voice to key political leaders and members of civil society advocating for more democracy, this documentary delves into the complex legacy of the Dayton peace agreement and provides an in-depth and alarming assessment of the current geopolitical situation.

Executive Producer: Srđan Šarenac

Producer: Christian Popp

DOPs: Vanja Ban, Axel Schneppat, Eric Bergeron, Viktor Nordenskiöld, Mathieu Pansard

Co-producer: Rachel Adoul, Al Jazeera Balkans, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

Editor: Claude Clorennec

Sound Design: Tito de Pinho