The Musemić Brothers

The Musemić Brothers

AJB Screening

Edin Isanović; Nihad Ušanović;

11.09. Monday   |   19:30   |   BKC

This film is inspired by brothers Vahidin and Husref, goal getters and legends of the Football Club Sarajevo. Both have won a championship title in the Premier League of Yugoslavia with FC Sarajevo. The symbiosis between the Musemić brothers and the “maroon team” has lasted for many years. The story starts in their birthplace Janja, a small town in the Northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Semberija region, which gave birth to many world-famous football players with great careers such as Savo Milošević, Admir Smajić and Luka Jović. This is also a story about their childhood spent on the banks of the Drina and Janja rivers, about talent, their commitment to success, about Semberija, inspiration, but most of all about love for football.

Executive producer: Blerta Hadžić

Producer: Al Jazeera Balkans

DOP: Vanja Ban 

Editor: Nihad Usanović

Sound Design: Samir Hrković, Vanja Kurtović