The Deepest Summit

The Deepest Summit

AJB Screening

Midhat Mujkić; Tomislav Cvitanušić;

The dream of every alpinist is to climb the highest mountain in the world, the roof of the world - Mount Everest. In order to achieve this, we must be 'good students'. If you are from Sarajevo, it is only logical to climb the top of Trebević first. After conquering the highest peaks of Europe, Africa, South America, and North America, the next logical step for him was to attempt the ascent on Mount Everest. The film follows the ascent of Bosnian-Herzegovinian alpinist Tomislav Cvitanušić on Mount Everest, while his friends and colleagues, who share the same passion for alpinism and high mountains, speak about the phenomenon of climbing and reaching summits.

Executive producer: Tomislav Cvitanušić 

DOP: Tomislav Cvitanušić, Faris Bajrić, Midhat Mujkić

Co-producer: Al Jazeera Balkans, MYTV

Editor: Midhat Mujkić