Blix Not Bombs

Blix Not Bombs

Last Minute Cinema

Greta Stocklassa

Greta had just turned 8 years old when she watched the unfolding of 9/11 on her TV in Stockholm. In the following months and years, she saw her fellow countryman, the diplomat Hans Blix, become a major player in the global crisis, as a weapons inspector for the UN. Now, in the 21st century marked by wars, political extremes and the climate catastrophes, Greta reaches out to 94-year-old Blix to ask if he can help her make sense of the world. Does diplomacy still have a role? Or is he the last of the great negotiators?

Producer: Radovan Síbrt

DOP: Stanislav Adam

Co-producers: Erik Winker, Mario Adamson

Editors: Alan Sýs, Jorge Sánchez Calderón

Sound Design: Pavel Jan