When Spring Came to Bucha

When Spring Came to Bucha


Mila Teshaieva; Marcus Lenz;

What happens when a chapter in a war comes to an end? This is an unsentimental account from Ukraine of the existential spring cleaning that awaits people when they return to their city, first besieged, and then liberated. After 35 days of fighting and brutal attacks on civilians, Russian forces withdrew from the Ukrainian town of Bucha in March 2022, allowing its inhabitants to return to their homes, their lives and the grass that does not stop growing just because there is a war. But that was not all. There was rubble to remove, there were houses to rebuild, people to bury, lovers to wed and, most importantly, deep wounds to heal.

Producer: Marcus Lenz

DOPs: Marcus Lenz, Mila Teshaieva

Editors: Yevgenia Danilenko, Julia Wiedwald 

Sound Design: Andriy Niedzelsky