Return to Raqqa

Return to Raqqa


Albert Solé; Raúl Cuevas;

Return to Raqqa follows the story of Marc Marginedas, a Spanish journalist who was kidnapped by the Islamic State in Syria. He was one of 19 journalists taken captive by the terrorist group in 2013, and he was detained for six months before being released. The film is based on his experiences and interviews with other journalists who were also taken captive. Through Marginedas’ story, Return to Raqqa sheds light on the dangers faced by journalists who report from conflict zones, and the sacrifices they make in pursuit of the truth. It also raises important questions about the role of governments and international organizations in protecting journalists and ensuring their safe return home.

Executive Producer: Albert Solé

Producer: Gemma Rodriguez

DOP: Gemma Rodriguez

Editor: Raúl Cuevas

Sound Design: Martí Palma