The Mind Game

The Mind Game


Sajid Khan Nasiri; Eefje Blankevoort; Els van Driel;

When he was just 14, Sajid Khan Nasiri fled Afghanistan alone. After a two-year journey filled with danger and hardships – which he minutely documented on his phone camera – he arrives in Belgium to seek asylum. He is sure that when he arrives, he’ll be able to relax, go to school and start a new life. But, there, a whole new struggle begins. Being a child, how do you deal with the enormous mental pressure of the journey, with distrustful authorities, and disturbing messages from the home front? An intimate documentary about the psychological pressure young refugees face.

Producer: Laura Verduijn

DOPs: Ton Peters, Maarten Kramer, Eefje Blankevoort

Co-producers: Yolande van der Blij, Leonie van Zanten

Editors: Francesco Indaco, Eefje Blankevoort

Sound Design: Rui Reis Maia, Els van Driel, Hens Zimmerman