Aleksandar Reljić

An Auschwitz commander’s grandson, Rainer Hoess was symbolically adopted by the Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor in 2014. The two, with their specific experiences, are united in the struggle against Neo-Nazism, antisemitism, racism and xenophobia around the globe. Rainer Hoess broke up the relations with his family and left home at the age of 15, when he found out that his grandfather Rudolf Hoess had been responsible for the industrial extermination of 2.5 million Jews in WWII. At the age of 39, after a stroke, Rainer realizes that he has to deal with his dark heritage and face the horrors of the Holocaust. Eva Mozes Kor explains her relationship with Reiner Hoess: “The fact that he is a grandson of Rudolf Hoess is an ultimate revenge! Rudolf Hoess will not get to enjoy time with his grandson, but I will!”

 Cinematography: Viktor Prell
Producer: Vanja Kranjac
Editing: Uroš Jandrić
Production company:
Radio-televizija Vojvodine