I See Red People

I See Red People


Bojina Panayotova

After 25 years in France, I return to Bulgaria, with a camera in my hand and a vertiginous suspicion: what if my family had collaborated with the secret police of the communist regime? And what if they were a part of the “red trash” that the protestors on the streets want to see removed? I decided to investigate and film the whole thing, ready for anything. My adventure transforms itself into a tragicomic odyssey, a mix of an espionage and a family film.

Cinematography: Bojina Panayotova, Xavier Sirven
Producer: Roy Arida (Stank) and Arnaud Dommerc (Andolfi)
Editing: Léa Chatauret, Elsa Jonquet, Bojina Panayotova
Production company: