When Pigs Come

When Pigs Come

Last Minute Cinema

Biljana Tutorov

Dragoslava has four TV sets, three grandchildren, two best friends, and a husband with whom she fights over a remote control. She has lived in five countries without ever moving from her flat in a small border town. The media and politics creep into the family intimacy, but she reflects about it with humor and determination. Instead of fairy tales, she invents real life stories for the kids, and keeps hoping for a better future. Our every single gesture, from getting up in the morning, is an act of responsibility which brings change to the world.

Director: Biljana Tutorov
Cinematography: Orfeas Skutelis
Producer: Biljana Tutorov
Editing: Thomas Ernst, Nataša Pantić, Ana Lagator
Production company:
Wake Up Films