Unwanted heritage

Unwanted heritage

Last Minute Cinema

Irena Škorić

Monuments bear witness to their creators and the times of their origin. Ruined monuments are also a testament, to the times of their destruction and those that destroyed them. They are our history teachers, from their existence we learn about different ages and societies of the past. Between 1945 and 1990, thousands of monuments were built throughout the former Yugoslavia to commemorate the sites where World War II battles had been fought. Many of them were truly valuable artistic pieces. Since 1990s, one half or about three thousand of these monuments in Croatia had been razed to the ground or devastated. This is a story of the masterpieces turned into waste, but also of a society which rejected its history and forsaken its valuable art.

Scriptwriter and Director: Irena Škorić
Producer: Irena Škorić
Editing: Silvije Magdić
Music: Ivo Josipović
Production company:
Artizana film d.o.o.