A Feat Of Perseverance

A Feat Of Perseverance

AJB Screening

Nerma Emrić

This story celebrates a man by remembering the fragments of past times unimaginable to new generations. It is also a love story of Marin and Nike who live their modest but happy lives on the island away from the bustle of modern Croatia. The story deals with the forgotten hero of the past, Marin Radul, who was known in the communist Yugoslavia as the “Titan from the island of Mljet”. With his own hands, and assisted by his wife Nike, Marin dag through a 96-meter-long rock in order to create agricultural land. The intention of this film is to connect the thoughts of people from the past (20th century) with today’s time - the one that Marin and Nike could only dream of. It is also a message to new generations to appreciate work and believe in man’s strength, instead of surrendering to hopelessness and nihilism.

DOP: Eldar Emrić
Production: Brand Me