AJB Screening


We are on the start-line of a half Ironman triathlon – 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike ride and a 21 km run. Right beside us is Nudži, a proofreader from Sarajevo, determined to change her life and be the first hijab-wearing woman in Europe to finish this hard race. Behind us is the war that left scares on everyone, including Nudži. She lost her father, her childhood and her home. Nudži is warming up, determined and optimistic. In front of us is an empowering journey of redefining Nudži’s life, the obstacles that haters throw at her feet but also good people that are drawn by Nudži’s optimism and the help she gives others. Nudži is determined, the race is just about to begin. A million things are going through her head, not all of them nice and beautiful. But, as always, she chooses to smile. Are you ready to choose to smile?

Producer: Tamara Babun

DOP: Vjeran Hrpka

Editor: Ana Štulina

Production company: Wolfgang & Dolly