GIRL IN RETURN is an intimate, character-driven tale of global impact, about personal consequences of the systemic violation of human rights in the international adoption system, portrayed through the eyes of a teenage girl and her personal fight for justice. With over five years of recordings, we follow the Ethiopian girl, Amy, in a paramount period of her life, from the age of 13 to 18. Amy left her mother and two sisters in Ethiopia when she was nine, and was declared fit to be adopted by a Danish family. Amy never adjusted to Denmark, her Danish family, and Danish culture, but instead felt a deep longing and grief due to the loss of her family, language and culture. Girl in Return follows Amy’s fight against Danish and Ethiopian authorities and her struggle to repeal her adoption, in order to fulfill her deepest wish: recreate the family bond, which was being destroyed from one day to another, after she was adopted at the age of nine.

Producer: Sara Stockmann

Editor: Marion Tuor

DOP: Martin Munch

Production company: Sonntag Pictures