We all have received e-mails from strangers announcing that you have won the lottery or that an attractive woman would like to chat with you … But who are the people that are trying to deceive us? What human stories lie behind this phenomenon of internet fraud? In Ghana, there is a high rate of youth unemployment. This has led young men and women to practice internet fraud, with the help of animism/voodoo to earn a living. Sakawa is the name given to this practice. Sakawa is a film about a new generation in Africa dealing with a digital world in their very own way. Ama is a young mother and a newcomer on the scamming scene. OneDollar tries to save the money he earns to travel to Italy. Francis, the most experienced of them all, teaches the youngsters the tricks of the trade. These stories are intertwined with the path of the E-Waste. What starts as Western waste dumped in Ghana, ends up as the medium for the Ghanaian youth to make money.

DOP: Jonathan Wannyn

Editor: Tom Denoyette, Simon Schuurman

Producer: Peter Krüger/Inti Films

Production company: Inti Films