Oleg Kirillov is a coach of an unusual team — the team that plays intuitive football. It is hard to believe it, but his players are members of the Belarussian minifootball national team for visually impaired. Each of them ended up at the football field for a different reason, but all of them have a shared goal — to retain the champions’ status in the national competition. Kirillov himself was raised in a family with disabled members and knows well how to communicate with his visually impaired players. He is not just a coach, but a friend for every one of the sportsmen. An important part of this movie is a sound design, that completely reconstructs the acoustic environment natural for the players, in which they orientate by hearing — reacting to the sounds of the ball and the coach’s instructions.

Producer: Pavel Butorin

Camera: Edgar Grischuk

Editor: Alisa Sheli

Production company: Current Time TV