Don is a photographer who lives in Kenyan slum of Kibera and tries to capture better aspects of his home in his photos. The film is based on his narration, in which he presents a varied mix of people with strong will and a desire to face an unfriendly destiny and inhospitable environment. For example, HIV-infected teacher Benta who has set up a nursery for children coming from HIV-positive families or former boxer Tunker, who teaches children self-defense in his boxing school. The film by Czech director Martin Páv brings to light a unique atmosphere of this poverty-stricken district, even when it is troubled by the dramatic events associated with the presidential election.

Producer: Zuzana Kučerová

Production team: Petr Racek, Eva Krutilikova, Jiri Pasz,

Ondrej Mataj, Adam Blaha, Matej Beran,

Simmon Okongo, Raphael Okongo

Production company: Frame Films s.r.o. in coproduction with Czech TV