This Stolen Country of Mine

This Stolen Country of Mine


Marc Wiese

This is a film about China's massive hunger for natural resources and how during the last decade it has been aggressively operating to obtain access to these resources in Ecuador. The country is now stuck with the most Chinese debts in Latin America. Meet Paúl Jarrín Mosquera, who leads the indigenous resistance against the exploitation of their land. Meanwhile, China uses the Ecuadorian government to turn the country into one of its new colonies, having made the country dependent on credit through a series of corrupt and greedy treaties. When journalist Fernando Villavicencio exposes these plots and gets access to the contracts between China and Ecuador, the government wants him silenced too. Both men are fighting for freedom in this battle against a superpower.

Producer: Oliver Stoltz

Co-producer: Carlos Andrés Vera

Production Company: Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduktion GmbH, Cámara Oscura