Fragments of Humanity

Fragments of Humanity


Elli Rintala

This documentary film is portraying the many faces of truth. A team of Finnish forensic experts has arrived in Kosovo in order to investigate alleged war crimes. However, the team realizes soon that there are cases that have deliberately been unexamined. On the other hand, with some cases the expectation is that the team would simply guarantee the governments description of the events. In this situation the leader of the team, Helena Ranta wants to find ways to search for the truth. The events culminate in January 1999, when 45 bodies are found in the village of Račak. The international community and the local government have completely contradictory views on the circumstances of the killings.

Producer: Ari Matikainen

Editors: Tuula Mehtonen, Matti Näränen

Production Company: Kinocompany Ltd