The Hungarian Playbook

The Hungarian Playbook


Bence Máté & Áron Szentpéteri

At the heart of the European Union, an authoritarian regime has been established. A key element in consolidating its political power is a degree of media control unprecedented in an EU member state. The Hungarian Playbook examines the Don Quixote like struggle of young journalists against Prime Minister Orbán's propaganda machine, which now controls 80% of the domestic news market. They are insiders who turned against the system. They provide us with secretly made recordings and leaked documents. Internal communications prove unambiguously: public media are under the direct control of the cabinet office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. It is a degree of censorship and content control that has not existed since the fall of the communist regime.

Producer: Florian Schewe

Camera: Zágon Nagy, Sal Kazan

Editor: Zsófi Érdi

Production Company: Film Five GmbH