Anissa Bonnefont & Edith Chapin

How can you rebuild yourself when you lose your father and your homeland forever at the age of 8? Nadia Nadim, whose dad was killed by the Taliban in 2000, has embarked on this quest. The young Afghan woman, her 4 sisters, and their mother fled Kabul in the wake of the violence. Like millions of their countrymen, they were ground down by a conflict that has lasted for decades, as Russian and then American forces occupied the country. Today, the Taliban have returned to rule. Football passion is what saved Nadia. She became a striker on the national team of her adoptive land, Denmark, then for the Paris-Saint-Germain women’s team. Nadia, having achieved football stardom, wants to return to Afghanistan, to find out more about her father’s fate. But the country is torn by terrorism as the Taliban and ISIS sow chaos daily. Giving up the trip, Nadia must grieve for another loss. However, she is unsinkable, and has plans for the future: graduate as a reconstructive surgeon and save people.

Producers: Myriam Weil, Jean-François Camilleri, Raphaël Perchet

DOP: Thomas Brémond

Editor: Guerric Catala

Production Company: Federation Entertainment, Echo Studio