Love, Deutschmarks and Death

Love, Deutschmarks and Death

Last Minute Cinema

Cem Kaya

In the early 1960s, the so-called guest workers from Anatolia and other parts of Turkey were recruited by the Federal Republic of Germany. From the beginning, there was something that always accompanied them and was part of their culture: their music – a piece of home in a foreign land. Over the years, independent musical directions developed in Germany that did not exist in this form in their mother country. The exciting cinema documentary Love, Deutschmarks and Death tells the unprecedented story of an independent musical culture of immigrants from Turkey, their children and grandchildren in Germany in an entertaining and very complex way with never-before-seen archive footage.

Producers: Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay, Stefan Kauertz, Claus Reichel, Florian Schewe

DOPs: Cem Kaya, Mahmoud Belakhel, Julius Dommer, Christian Kochmann

Sound Design: Fatih Aydin, Armin Badde, Tarik Badaoui, Thorsten Bolzé, Dalia Castel, Tim Gorinski, Cem Kaya, Kris Limbach, Jule Vari

Editor: Cem Kaya

Production Company: FILMFAUST GmbH, Film Five GmbH