Photo exhibition 'Rights': Rights Through the Lens of Đorđe Kostić

Ever since discovering his passion for photography, Đorđe Kostić, Al Jazeera's Digital Newsroom producer and correspondent from Belgrade, has captured numerous moments in black and white that bear witness to events throughout the region.

Photo exhibition 'Rights': Rights Through the Lens of Đorđe Kostić

Within the framework of the 6th AJB DOC, an exhibition of black and white photographs by Đorđe Kostić, Al Jazeera’s Digital Newsroom producer and correspondent from Belgrade, was opened on September 8th at the Bosnian Cultural Center (BKC) in Sarajevo.

Symbolically titled "Rights," Kostić's exhibition, guided by this year’s AJB DOC theme, comprises 30 newspaper and documentary photographs taken at various events throughout the region, which the author covered for Al Jazeera Balkans.

"For the first time I see my photos in analogue form, the first time I see them tangible like this, outside of digital format, away from a computer or web portal," says Kostić, admitting that he welcomed the opening with great excitement.

"I am pleased that my first exhibition was arranged in Sarajevo, because this is the city where I captured my initial black and white photographs, and to which I am deeply connected," he adds.

"I've dedicated the exhibition to this city, as well as to Al Jazeera Balkans, my 'second home,' and AJB DOC, because without the people behind this Festival, none of this would be possible," he emphasizes.

Journalistic and Documentary Photographs

Visitors to the "Rights" exhibition by Đorđe Kostić have the opportunity to view 30 journalistic and documentary photographs that the author has captured over the past five years throughout the region.

In a series of photos from protests against lithium mining in Serbia, the author provides visitors with insight into the struggles of ordinary people for the right to clean air and water. At the same time, it depicts what the fight for clean air looks like on the streets of Belgrade.

Furthermore, he also documented other protests that citizens of Belgrade took part in. Many of these, like the protests organized during the lockdown, escalated into riots. Among them are the "Serbia against violence" protests, which still keep citizens whose demands have not been met on the streets of Belgrade.

In addition, through the photographs presented in the exhibition, Kostić portrays the fates of refugees from Ukraine, Syria, and other countries, while the photographs taken in Turkey, which was struck by a series of devastating earthquakes in 2020, depict poignant moments of rescuing people from the ruins in Izmir.

The exhibition will be open to all visitors until the closing of the AJB DOC Film Festival, with free admission.