AJB DOC: Premiere of the film about Tomislav Cvitanušić's Ascent of Everest took place

The documentary film 'The Deepest Summit' which follows Tomislav Cvitanušić's ascent to the highest peak in the world, had its premiere at the Sixth AJB DOC Film Festival.

AJB DOC: Premiere of the film about Tomislav Cvitanušić's Ascent of Everest took place

The world premiere of the film "The Deepest Summit" by Tomislav Cvitanušić and Midhat Mujkić was held in a packed hall of the Bosnian Cultural Center (BKC) in Sarajevo, as part of the Sixth AJB DOC Film Festival, under the "AJB Screening" program.

The film chronicles the ascent of Bosnian-Herzegovinian alpinist Tomislav Cvitanušić on Mount Everest, while his friends and colleagues, who share the same passion for alpinism and high mountains, talk about the phenomenon of reaching the summit and the ascent. Days before the premiere there was a high demand for additional tickets, and the BKC hall was filled to the last seat.

"I am proud, above all, because this film conveys universal values. So, it's not just an ordinary film about climbing a high mountain but a film with profound messages. Those who, along with me, speak in this film, truly have something to say about life and mountain climbing, as well as achieving the highest goals," says Cvitanušić.

Not hiding his joy that a documentary film about his ascent to the world's highest peak has garnered such public interest, Cvitanušić says that throughout the filmmaking process, he hoped to inspire others to "pursue their own Everests."

"I must emphasize that Midhat Mujkić is highly responsible for the direction the film took. When I saw the film’s outline and realized the messages it would convey, I have to admit that I hoped, and even expected, that it would be warmly received by the audience, not only in Sarajevo but also beyond," adds Cvitanušić sincerely.

It's worth noting that, due to immense public interest, an additional screening of the film "The Deepest Summit" has been scheduled for September 10th at 8:30 PM at Cineplexx Sarajevo (Hall 1). Tickets for this screening can be purchased at the Cineplexx Sarajevo Box Office.