How to Use a Smartphone for Documentary Filmmaking

During the training session, which is being held as part of the AJB DOC Film Festival this year as well, young individuals will have the opportunity to learn how to shoot a documentary using a smartphone.

How to Use a Smartphone for Documentary Filmmaking

Alongside the screenings of the films at AJB DOC Film Festival,  taking place from September 8th to 12th in Sarajevo, there is also a three-day training program titled "Smartphone Documentary Film Production".

The trainig is held in collaboration with the Al Jazeera Media Institute in Doha and in partnership with UNFPA and Samsung. Al Jazeera's video journalist Faris Bajrić will work with selected participants and provide the young authors, journalists, and producers with insights into how they can engage in content creation using a smartphone for documentary filmmaking.

He will also provide guidance on filming techniques, facilitate the practical application of acquired skills, and assist in selecting appropriate mehanisms for interacting with the audience.

"Technology is advancing every day, and smartphones are widely used for shooting and producing documentary films, even in Hollywood," says Bajrić.

An Opportunity for Learning and Professional Development

The participants in this year's "Smartphone Documentary Film Production" training view this as an opportunity for learning and improving their existing knowledge.

Among them is Harisa Alagić, a journalist who covered the AJB DOC Film Festival in previous years.

"The training already seemed interesting to me when I was reporting about it, so I decided to apply this year. I am confident it will be beneficial for me and useful in my future work because there are so many stories that deserve a broader audience and more coverage than television provides in its news reports," says Alagić.

Photographer Kemal Softić shares her opinion and has joined the training wishing to acquire new skills.

"I believe this is a quality training program that provides young enthusiasts with numerous opportunities for advancement and expanding their existing knowledge," says Softić.

Award for the Best Idea

Upon completing the training, all participants will receive certificates from the Al Jazeera Media Institute. Furthermore, participants will have 30 days from the conclusion of the training to develop an idea for shooting a documentary with a smartphone.

Upon the expiration of this deadline, the training facilitator and representatives of the organizers will select the best idea for realization and award a prize of 1500 euros, a prize from Samsung as a training partner. They will also provide mentorship support during the filming process.

Furthermore, the recorded documentary will also have the opportunity to be screened at the next edition of the AJB DOC Film Festival as part of the "Smart Doc" selection.