SmartDoc Award for Ines Ezgeta’s Project

Training in collaboration with the Al Jazeera Media Institute in Doha was organized in partnership with UNFPA, Samsung, and Domod.

SmartDoc Award for Ines Ezgeta’s Project

In addition to the screenings of the AJB DOC Film Festival held from September 8th to 12th, a three-day training session “Smartphone Documentary Film Production” was held under the guidance of Faris Bajrić, an Al Jazeera video journalist. At the end of the deadline set for developing ideas for the participants competing for the SmartDoc award and the realization of the project, with its presentation scheduled for the next edition of the Festival, it was time to announce the winner.

Among the submitted projects were many interesting and good stories, making the jury's task challenging. However, Ines Ezgeta’s project stood out and received the award.

Starting from the presentation of the idea, the enthusiastic approach, and the confidence that in the work process the author will uncover deeper layers of the story about the relationship between the two brothers, their uniqueness, but also the society in which gambling places take the space of traditional urban culture, this year's first SmartDoc award goes to Ines Ezgeta's project “Like Brothers, Like Café”, as stated in the organizer's decision.

Ines Ezgeta, the author of the best idea, receives a cash prize of 1500 euros, a Samsung S 23 Ultra mobile phone, provided by sponsors Samsung and Domod, and mentorship support during the filming process. The recorded documentary film is also planned to be shown at the next edition of the AJB DOC Film Festival.

Asked for a comment on winning the award, Ines Ezgeta said: "Besides being instrumental support for the realization of the film, this award is also an encouragement to continue working with documentary films. I'm glad that such initiatives exist, encouraging DIY filmmaking in the region, as institutional support for film production is attainable but slow. I hope there will be more initiatives like this in the future, focusing on the alternatives accessible to everyone."

"The recorded documentary film will also have the opportunity to be screened at the next edition of the AJB DOC Film Festival, as part of the SmartDoc selection. In addition to the awarded project, we will provide support to several other authors who participated with their projects in the training, to realize their ideas, shoot short documentaries and showcase them at the next AJB DOC edition," announced the organizers.

The training “Smartphone Documentary Filmmaking” for young authors at the AJB DOC Film Festival was designed to provide an overview of ways to deal with content, using a mobile phone for shooting a documentary film, after which the participants have a deadline to develop their ideas competing for the SmartDoc award and to realize the project and screen the film at the next edition of the Festival.