AJB DOC @Posušje Soon

Three films from 6th edition of the AJB DOC will be shown in Posušje.

AJB DOC @Posušje Soon

Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival (AJB DOC) in cooperation with the Municipality of Posušje organizes the screening of three documentaries in the city cinema hall. Thus, on 12th of February the Herzegovinian audience will have the opportunity to watch documentaries by young authors from the SmartDoc program and on 13th February a documentary by an established author from the AJB Screening program.

The organizers of the AJB DOC Film Festival expressed their satisfaction at the establishment of cooperation with the Municipality of Posušje and Mayor Ante Begić, with the special contribution of Jozo Kolobarić, Advisor to the Mayor for Diplomacy and International Relations, on whose initiative the cooperation was achieved.

"We are bringing the festival atmosphere to Posušje, and our goal is to organize meetings of documentary lovers and the screening of top-quality domestically produced documentaries in other cities as well", emphasized the organizers of the AJB DOC Film Festival.

Three Documentaries Will be Shown

On Monday, 12th of February starting at 6:00p.m. there will be a screening of the film "The Village is Mine" by Jasmin Brutus, who won the award for the best project and filming his short documentary film after participating in the training for young authors held at the 5th AJB DOC Film Festival.

Zvirnjača, a village in the municipality of Kupres, is nestled between Tomislavgrad and the municipality of Prozor - Rama. Once vibrant and bustling, it stands nearly vacant today. Its natives have moved abroad in search of a better life or “bread” as locals call it. Yet, amid this deserted landscape, reside Marijan Jonjić, his wife, their three children, and an impressive flock of more than 450 sheep. It is these sheep that provide the family with a meaningful livelihood in a village that many have left behind. The population of Zvirnjača has dwindled down to five or six older married couples and a few solitary individuals. Marijan's family, in stark contrast, thrives as he lives under unusual circumstances, essentially as the master of an abandoned village.

The same day, on 12th of February starting at 6:30 p.m. the documentary "The Gambler Never Loses" by Marija Stanojević, about betting shops and the people they attract will be shown.

Betting houses are places where TV screens cover entire walls, allowing bettors to watch several matches at the same time and follow betting results. Neon signs and vibrant indoor lights entice passers-by to enter casinos and spend whatever time they have playing slot machines, like children in an amusement park. Is it easy to resist such beautiful images that simulate the reality of eternal play, never filled with boredom? Four men of different ages, characters and lifestyles admit what attracts them.

On Tuesday, 13th of February the audience will have the opportunity to watch the documentary "Investigator" by Viktor Portel, which follows Vladimir Dzuro, the only Czech investigator who, while working for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, collected evidence against war criminals and perpetrators of ethnic cleansing.

His two biggest cases were the Ovčara massacre, linked to then Vukovar Mayor Slavko Dokmanović, and ethnic cleansing in northwestern Bosnia. Together with Dzuro, we embark on a metaphorical, but also very realistic tour of the site of his investigations in the former Yugoslavia and a meeting with surviving witnesses of ethnically motivated crimes.

The sponsor of the festival program AJB DOC @Posušje is the company Meggle.

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