Beldocs Industry Days 2023 Awards

Al Jazeera Balkans award of € 2.000 went to “The Door Of The House Who Will Come Knocking” directed by Maja Novaković.

Beldocs Industry Days 2023 Awards

Beldocs Pitching Forum, the pitching section of Beldocs Industry Days (10-15 May), handed out its awards on Saturday 13th of May 2023. during a ceremony presented by the head of Beldocs Industry, Andrijana Sofranić Šućur. The program is part of the 16th Beldocs festival, which runs from 10-17 May in Belgrade.

The jury members (Dimitra Kouzi, filmmaker; Rene Kubašek, head of festival’s international relations of Jihlava IDFF; and Vassilis Economou, public relations officer, senior writer, and industry reporter of Cineuropa) handed the main awards by Al Jazeera Balkans, accompanied by €2,000 in cash, to the Serbian project At The Door Of The House Who Will Come Knocking, directed by Maja Novaković. The same project received Forgrade Post-production Award. 

According to the jury, the projects received both awards for “its authentic and artistic approach. Expect a captivating cinematic voyage exploring the depth of intimate psychological realms and the rugged beauty of natural landscapes.