Training 2018


In cooperation with the Al Jazeera Media Institute, training will be organized for young authors, independent productions and students from the region, as well as journalists working on documentary films in the area of investigative journalism.

During the training, participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia will have an opportunity to work with the author of the award winning documentaries, and upon the completion of the training will be presented with the certificates of the Al Jazeera Media Institute.

KEY TERMS: Investigative journalism, current affairs documentary films, research and preparation, budgeting, standard production procedures and documentation, contracts, critical thinking, dangerous situations, covert filming, preparing the interviewee, creative process, objectivity, honesty, responsibility, project presentation…

TRAINING LEADER: Giovanni Ulleri and Ekrem Rrahmani

Giovanni Ulleri Biography

Giovanni Ulleri, is an experienced award winning freelance senior shooting producer and director, specializing in documentaries, factual programmes, current affairs and news. He has worked for main UK TV channels: BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5, Al Jazeera English, as well as American networks including HGTV, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Living Channel and A&E Channel. Used to working on challenging and highly sensitive and important international exclusive stories, Mr. Ulleri is also an experienced covert-filming operator. He also covered stories in very difficult and demanding locations such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Thailand, Cambodia, India, South Korea and Juarez, Mexico. His three films were part of the Drugs Inc. Series for Nat Geo, which required securing access to major US drug dealers and traffickers and getting them to talk about the drugs trade. Mr. Ulleri has an award winning track record in current affairs and brings journalistic judgment and integrity with a strong narrative story-telling to all his films. During his career he has made a film nominated for an Emmy in the most outstanding Investigative Journalism in Spanish Category in 2014. He won a Royal Television Society award, as well as local government Journalist of the Year in Scotland, and has worked on an Oscar nominated Feature Documentary, ‘Sicko’ directed by Michael Moore.