Training 2020

“Mobile documentary filmmaking”

The mobile documentary film production and the way it is delivered and broadcast to the public has led to radical changes in filming. These changes affected the way the topic is approached, the duration of the film, the presence of the filmmaker, the narrative, the publishing and the interaction with the audience/public. 

This training is designed to give journalists and producers an overview on how to deal with the content using a mobile phone in documentary film making. It will also help them recognize the mobile techniques and give them practical training in their use, as well as in determining the appropriate mechanisms of interaction with the public.

Training Objective

At the end of the training, participants should: 
- Understand the changes that have affected the mobile made documentary film
- Master the approaches and learn the first steps of producing a documentary film using a mobile
- Make a film from the idea to the design and the scenario, as well as different ways of approach

Training leader is Adnen Chaouachi, a Tunisian Journalist and TV producer who trained hundreds of journalists on Mobile Journalism and New Media.


Adnen has Baccalaureate in Math and Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature. From 2008 to 2010 he has studied and obtained his Master Degree with Distinction in English Higher Institute of Languages of Tunis (ISLT) and worked on “The Political Economy of the Media in the US”.


Journalism and TV Production - Since 2017: Producer Reporter in Tunisia and North Africa for China Global Television Network CGTN #adnenreports - Since 2011: INDEPENDENT Production, Journalist-Reporter-TV Producer - Since 2011: Radio Host and Producer; English Program: Tunis International Radio RTCI; 2015-2012 - Thomson Reuters, Freelance Producer; 2015: produced and directed his first 50 minute documentary film entitled "Departure" (Arabic with English subtitles). He also has delivered numerous trainings on Mobile Journalism and New Media for various international media outlets during his career.