Workshop 2019

A story beneath the story

What makes someone an investigative journalist? Why is something that someone is trying to hide considered as “real news”?  How to recognize a true story and deal with the consequences it may bear? How does the investigative journalism benefit the public interest? How can a published story affect political, economic or diplomatic relations in the region?  The workshop participants will get more information about all this based on the examples of to-date investigative work of Al Jazeera Balkans and our discussion with the workshop author. 



Edo Čelebić was born in the southern Serbian town of Niš in 1978. He graduated economy at the Faculty for Business Studies and Law in Belgrade. He has been in journalism for 23 years. At the age of 21 he became the youngest news editor at the Independent radio station “Studio B” in Belgrade. He had devoted 14 years to the TV and radio station “Studio B” before he started working as editor for the Independent TV station “B92”. After that he started working as editor in chief at the „RTV Novi Pazar“. He has worked as correspondent for different regional media, such as “BH Radio 1” and “Radio 101” Zagreb. He has been working as news editor at “Al Jazeera Balkans” for the last eight years. His biggest passion is investigative journalism. He and his wife Elvira are proud parents of three children. He lives and works in Sarajevo.